Stretch Ceiling

The stretch ceiling system originated in Europe over 40 years ago mainly as a solution for damaged ceilings. Stretch ceiling products can replace drywall, stucco, or ceiling tiles in existing spaces or new construction projects.

Your private spaces

Create your custom - made ceilings and walls to decorate, renovate or embellish your interior space. Ideal for new construction or renovation, there are more then 150 colors to create the ceiling of your dreams. Stretch ceilings create a perfect addition to any front room, dining space, kitchen, bathroom or any other surrounding.

Your public spaces

We are happy to offer you stretch ceilings and stretch walls as a perfect addition to the following spaces: public offices, corporate buildings and conference venues, public buildings, swimming pools, spas, saunas, stadiums, sports venues and local sporting infrastructure, schools, museums, cinemas, theaters, churches, hotels, shopping malls, shops, car salons stands, show-rooms, expositions.

stretch celing

How is the stretch ceiling assembled?

First, the technological profile is installed along the room perimeter. Second, the PVC membrane is hooked up to the track. The temperature in the room is brought up to 60-80 C. After cooling, the film is stretched and becomes elastic, like a drum.

Third, light fixture, air fans or other objects are installed. Before installing the ceilingn it's necessary to determine what kind of lighting you will use. Already at the order of the ceiling, you need to provide information about the type and quantity of fixtures, as it is prepared specifically for installation design. That’s all - your new stretch ceiling is ready! We hope that your ceiling will make you happy for many years!


Printed images on the stretch ceiling and wall

Printing on ceiling and wall canvases is trendy now. Every person who walks inside a room with a print in it will be pleasantly surprised. Choose from a library of high resolution images to ensure the best quality for your ceiling. This printing technology is similar to the technology that is employed by modern ink jet color printers.