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Whether you’re thinking of renovating or building, Capitall Windows. can offer your home an architectural design that delivers not only full energy efficiency but also absolute beauty. From sliders to casements, we offer a wide range of colours and styles that will compliment any home. Our Ottawa windows are built to the highest industry specifications and all of our products Elite Windows Ottawa & Vinyl Windows Ottawa are guaranteed. Our  Windows Ottawa will reduce your energy costs for years to come, because all window frames & sashes are fusion welded for strength, providing a permanent air and water tight seal. All glass units on our windows have double sealed insulation glass. A multi-point locking system on our casements provides greater security as well. All of Ottawa Window Companies,our windows,are manufactured by Vinyl Pro. and are Energy Star certified with low heat argon.

Easy Cleaning

Easy Cleaning Ottawa

Easy cleaning allows you to fully open your windows so there's no hassle with cleaning. The glass panels slide open all the way to enable you to clean between the panels inside and outside your house. No more struggling to clean between panel windows, with our Capital Windows and Doors Ottawa intuitive design you can keep your high quality glass and Vinyl Windows Ottawa clean all the time.

LoE² 272 Glass

LoE² 272 Glass is designed to reflect heat back into your home during the winter, and keep harmful UV rays out in the summer. The LoE² 272 Glass coating is visually unnoticable but blocks approximately 84% of the sun's rays. LoE² 272 Glass is the highest performing and clearest glass you can purchase. These energy efficient windows will save you money all year round, no matter where your home is located, choose windows that will provide you with the highest level of comfort year round.

Our Windows

double hung Ottawa

Double Hung Windows Ottawa

The classic colonial window style. Both top and bottom sash open vertically for controllable ventilation and tilt inward for easy cleaning of the exterior panes from right inside your home. No more squeegees and ladder climbing. Also available in single hung style, where only the bottom sash operates. This option reduces cost without significantly changing the appearance of the window.

casement ottawa

Casement Windows Ottawa

Hinged sash swings to the outside like a door, providing maximum ventilation. Our triple sealing system makes thisVinyl Windows Ottawa a very energy efficient style. Easy to operate, easy to clean. Open your home to the great outdoors.

Single Hung Ottawa

Single Hung Windows Ottawa

With a fixed upper sash and a lower sash that slides easily up and down for simple operating, this design allows the product to be effortless and durable while still maintaining a beautiful looking windows in ottawa that will easily add a modern touch to your home. The lower sash tilts in to ensure easy cleaning and access to both sides of the window.

Fixed Casement Ottawa

Fixed Casement Windows Ottawa

Our Ottawa Window Companies provide optimal light from the outside. These windows are ideal for rooms that already have good ventilation but could benefit from natural sunlight. The weather tight seal allows for year round interior comfort even throughout the colder months.

Picture Ottawa

Picture Windows Ottawa

These classic picture windows provide your home with a beautifully dramatic style that's timeless. Combine these window styles with our other types of windows to match with your unique style. We offer these Windows in Ottawa a variety of grids and frame shapes to ensure that your vision is met.

arwing ottawa

Arwing Windows Ottawa

Swings out from the bottom, allowing fresh outside air to come in, even when it's raining. Our triple sealing system makes this window especially water and air tight. Lots of glass area provides an aesthetically pleasing view. Let the sunshine in.

double slider Ottawa

Double Slider Windows Ottawa

Both sashes smoothly slide horizontally and can be tilted into the room to allow for easy cleaning of the exterior panes from inside the house. The perfect window style for locations where an out-swinging window would interfere with landscaping, walkways, patios and decks. Also available in single slider style with one fixed and one operating sash. Fewer moving parts withstand the test of time.

Single Slider Ottawa

Single Slider Windows Ottawa

Out of all our windows the single slider has to be the most cost efficient and practical. It brings together elegant style and energy star certified efficiency to provide you with the most practical window out there. The sliding pane opens inwards to make cleaning your windows hassle free.

End Vent Slider ottawa

End Vent Slider Windows Ottawa

The end vent slider combines the timeless look of a casement window with the practicality of the single slider. They are a great alternative to the casement windows when more ventilation is needed but a clean look still wants to be achieved. These windows maintain a cost-effective price and energy-efficiency, making them a great choice for any home.

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