If you’re thinking about replacing your windows and doors in ottawa and do not have all the funds available to you right now, or you simply wish to defer your payment for a while, you can take advantage of our easy deferred or zero interest payment options. Many customers of Capitall Windows use our fast and friendly financing plans with good reason – they can help make your window and door replacement project happen more quickly and with less hassle.

Our main financial partner is FinanceIt. You can read more about FinanceIt Home Finance for home improvement loans to help pay for your window and/or door replacement in Ottawa here:

Ontario Residents
Quebec residents

We can also help to apply for a home improvement loan for your window and/or door replacement costs.

For every application, there is a from that you have to fill out with all of your personal details. Our sales representatives have all the required forms and can help you fill out the forms in needed. We can not guarantee that you will receive the loan or when you do, what rates you get as all of these are determined by the financial institutions according to your state of credit and their own internal policies at the time of application