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Many people become concerned that their windows are somehow deficient when they see condensation forming on the inner panes during the winter. The question becomes, is that concern warranted?

Before we go into whether or not condensation is necessarily a bad thing, let’s first explore what it is. The answer to that is simple and analogous to what happens when you have condensation appear on your glass on a hot summer’s day when it is filled with an ice-cold drink. Condensation occurs when the moist warm air from the inside of your home meets the cooler surface of the glass. It is exactly the same thing that happens in the summer when the warm air outside meets the cold glass with your drink inside. This is a perfectly normal phenomenon.

Although it is not necessarily something to be concerned about, some people still want to address the issue. Here are some steps that you can take:

1. Install an exhaust system in the high moisture areas of your house.

2. Turn down the humidifier.

Many people ask us whether or not replacing their windows will help with this issue. The reality is that new Ottawa windows will increase the condensation since they are better sealed which keeps more of your home’s humidity inside through reduced air leakage. Buying windows with higher R values may help a bit but keep in mind that Interior condensation in the winter is normal when your windows are keeping the warm air in.


Exterior condensation happens when you have double pane windows and when the temperatures go down. Although many people become concerned when they see condensation on the exterior of their windows, it is actually a sign that your double pane windows are doing exactly what they should be doing – keeping the warm air in and the cold air out. Condensation will form on an object outside when its surface temperature goes below the dew point. Since the inner pane is working well, it is not allowing the home’s warm air to reach the outer pane. As a result, its surface temperature goes below the dew point and the condensation will develop on the exterior pane.

This is normal and common for energy-efficient double pane windows!

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